Framing Terminology

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Used in reference to materials that have a neutral or slightly alkaline PH
Acrylic Paint
Paint in which the pigment is suspended in a synthetic resin.
(or Clearance) The space left between the contents of a frame and the rebate to allow for contraction and expansion.
Placing an aged or worn appearance on the surface of a moulding.
Used in reference to material quality.
Used in reference to multiple identical mount (mat) window openings, typically cigarette card mounts. A term frequently used by framers with CMC (computerised mount cutters).
Very hard wood used for mouldings. Ash can be difficult to cut and underpin without the correct equipment.
Acronym for Adhesive Tape Gun, now generally used to describe any double sided adhesive fixing tape that can be applied from a gun-type dispenser (ATG gun)