West Coast Art & Frame Show is ON FEB 4th - 7th 2024

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Keith Hewitt
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West Coast Art & Frame Show is ON FEB 4th - 7th 2024

Post by Keith Hewitt »

This show is back on again. :clap:
In my opinion its definitely worth a one off visit for any UK/European framer
Its USP is the multitude of Seminars that are provided covering virtually any subject a framer needs.
Some sell out well before the show opens, so recommended to book
And there is of course a trade show where mfgs. and distributors have a stand / booth
You will see some familiar names Gunnar, Valiani, Crescent, Groglass/Artglass
A visit should be a legitimate biz expense
Need more info ask on this thread then others can see my replies.
Ive been every year from 2009 - 2019

Here is the link
Keith Hewitt
I have visited distributors and framers in 90 countries - no two are the same.
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Re: West Coast Art & Frame Show is ON FEB 4th - 7th 2024

Post by JKX »

My first (and last) WCAF show was also 2009, where I bumped in to you, Keith! I had been to the USA once previously for training too though, 3 years previous.

I think I was the first UK framer to do the show independently- I’m a pioneer!

To cover the cost, (pre pricing software) I divided it in to my average amount of frames per year and added that to each frame for a year previous - 30p I think. I called it VAT - Vegas Added Tax. :-)

It’s more than worth any expense, plus you could do the same as I did, make a week of it and see the canyon/etc.

I think there were 62 moulding/ frame suppliers alone that year!
The seminars are great, I only did two but wish I’d done more and just engaging with so many framers who may do things a bit different is also an experience. And this is all in an Hotel (about the same size as my village!)

If you’re not a grumbler, become one (do it anyway) - there are more updates and tips there plus they usually have a Grumbler dinner and/or breakfast.


The seminar thing was attempted over here at the spring fair; it was too little too late, but the very first trade show with workshops/seminars in uk was born right here on this forum!

I simply would not have been the framer I was were it not for the opportunity to tap in to fhe gregarious US framing market.

Do it!
John Turner

The ex framer Formerly Known As RoboFramer.
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