It came in a tube

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It came in a tube

Post by JKX »

…. But now it’s framed it’s bigger, now who would have thought!

I bet we’ve all had the car-too-small-for-the-frame customers.

Some are hilarious - this one, I said well at least you can’t have far to go and not on fast roads.

“Dorking” he said! About 45 mins up the A24.
John Turner

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Re: It came in a tube

Post by Abacus »

Richard Photofusion
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Re: It came in a tube

Post by Richard Photofusion »

Had a client for whom I printed and mounted multiple shows - 40x60" prints on DiBond.
Used the courier costs to justify to swmbo buying a Porsche 928, because he could collect the work, 2 pieces at a time.
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Re: It came in a tube

Post by prospero »

I had a chap who brought a 36x24" canvas in a Merc C class coupe. No problem. :D

When it had a 5" wide frame on it he could not understand why it wouldn't go back in the car. :roll:

It didn't help having wife/teenage son/Christmas shopping as well. :lol:
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