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I'm not enjoying this hot weather very much.

Posted: Fri 15 Jul, 2022 12:11 pm
by Not your average framer
I am supposed to be getting my shop ready, but I haven't done very much since all this hot weather started, it's just to uncomfortably hot, so currently there's not much happening. I have been working out a lot of my plans for the big delivery of mouldings which I ordered when Covid first started. In the last few years since this has all started, I have had time to realise that at least one of these moulding types was perhaps not the best idea. It was a nice cheap moulding and I had plans to glue another piece of moulding on to the rear face of the moulding and to machine it so that you cannot see the join, but I won't now be bothering to do that. I would like to get some more obeche mouldings before long, when I have decided which ones to get. To be honest about it, I'm not really sure that it will be much in terms of quantity, as I think that my customers are likely to be watching their money. I've got a reasonable nuber of lengths of Simnons moulding M0084, which has a thin pointed front end and is usually used for inside deep box frames, I am planning to cut the front off square from some of these to make liner frames for inside other mouldings to add some extra interest.

As far as I can tell by looking around my little town does not seem to be very busy so far, so I'm not very sure what to expect, in terms of business levels, so I'm still largely playing it by ear. I am thinking that I will probably be better off just getting a smaller number of better quality jobs, than pursuing sales of cheaper items. I honestly think that there will be too many businesses trying to exploit the bottom end of the market and trying to be cheaper than everybody else. Being too cheap, probably does not have much future in these difficult times, so I am not very much in favour of going down market, as I think it is completly the wrong place to be, in these difficult times. So, I am trying to do more with doing nice things with my really rather large and diverse stock of materials and make up some things from my odd bits and pieces. I have two full boxes of 2mm thick grey boards (10 sheets to a box), two of these glue up together nicely with a scrap piece of mount board on one side to make long strips of glass spacers for deep box frames. I would not normally bother, but it beats doing nothing and I already got plenty of waste mountboard sitting around doing nothing, so why not!