Cassese mitre saw movement issues

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Cassese mitre saw movement issues

Post by framing150 » Wed 19 Jan, 2022 4:04 pm

Haven't had a service in a year or so, and there are some points of pressured air leakage that you can hear hissing away, but in the meantime before calling out a mechanic does anyone know what to suggest when the saw blades' speed in movement is all over the show? Sometimes you start up and a blade will come across in rapid speed, and the next it'll be jumpy and then slower and more controlled...and then it can just stay at the end of its cutting range and we have to fiddle around turning off and on and pressing the valve manually to get it to go back

video link here:

vintage frames
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Re: Cassese mitre saw movement issues

Post by vintage frames » Wed 19 Jan, 2022 4:29 pm

The air leak is causing that irregular movement.
See if you can locate the leak. It might just be a loose connector that needs pushed back in a bit.
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