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Post by Phyllisjones034 » Tue 31 May, 2022 8:31 am

Hi everyone

I just wanted to introduce myself as a newbie and say how much I look forward to seeking all sorts of information when needed from this large pool of framing talent, the company that sold me my machinery advised me to join and it looks like some seriously good advice from them. I am unsure if the learning curve will be long and shallow or steep and fast, either way I am looking forward to the challenge ahead of me.

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Re: Hello

Post by Not your average framer » Tue 31 May, 2022 8:58 am

Hi Phyllis and welcome to the forum,

This is a really great place to learn lots from a huge variety of framers, who are doing a variety of different things. Lots of us are doing their own thing in different ways, which really suit them and there's a lot of well thought out ideas, hints and tips, if you don't mind spending some times looking through the wealth of information from so many different framers. Some are full time professional framers and some are part time, or even hobby framers, so there's lots of relevent stuff here. There are also some artists, who are framing their own work and there is probably something for just about everyone.

Today's newbies often become tomorrows main contributors and people very often develop their skills and knowledge really quickly on this forum, so we hope that you will find joining us helpful and fun. Also if you need to ask any questions please just ask. There are not any particular silly quecstions, if a question is relevent to you, just go ahead and ask. We always like to hear a little bit about what each other are doing, or hope to do, so maybe tell us a little about you and where you would like things to be going.

All the best,
Mark Lacey

“Life is short. Art long. Opportunity is fleeting. Experience treacherous. Judgement difficult.”
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Interests: Painting, walking, reading, Radio 4, too old for strenuous

Re: Hello

Post by Phyllisjones034 » Tue 31 May, 2022 9:25 am

Hello Mark

Thanks for the warm welcome, I am sure that there will be many questions and lots of advice being sought. I have lived in a few different parts of Europe with my husband moving through work and we have now settled in Blighty, I do paint and draw and for me framing is part of that so I thought I'd give it a go, I've done a few frames and I have to say that I am very please with the result so far, of course with my years I am not naive in thinking that it will always be this way and I am pleased to know that this forum is available to help me through the framing queries that I might have. I look forward talking with everyone as things move forwards.


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Re: Hello

Post by monic7 » Thu 24 Nov, 2022 8:09 am

Hi all, Thanks for the information, I am new here and ready to gain my hobby related information here:)

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Re: Hello

Post by Justintime » Thu 24 Nov, 2022 8:56 am

Justin George GCF(APF)
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Re: Hello

Post by prospero » Thu 24 Nov, 2022 11:51 am

Welcome Phyllis. :D

Rest assured that whatever problems you encounter someone here will have had the same one at some stage and
will know the solution. :P
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