Hi all.... looking forward to learning

Say hello, and tell us a little about yourself.
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Hi all.... looking forward to learning

Post by lawrieh » Sat 12 Apr, 2014 3:00 pm

Hi All
just had a nightmare 6 months framing pictures for my partner who is an artist. I have been buying often slightly bent pieces of wood from B&Q taking them home, routing them into various profiles, cutting with a mitre saw, glue and nailing them together with home made band clamps before finally framing my partners work to sell.

She was chuffed to have her work framed (for the first time) but not with the mess I made in the kitchen, hall and bathroom as my efforts snowballed. Although she has sold her great work in my crap frames consistently I decided to stop, take a deep breath, stand back and realised I was putting lots of hard work into what was ultimately a pretty poor final product. To make matters worse we need to start glazing the pieces and the thought of having to make progressively more difficult moulding profiles by hand, in the kitchen just scares me.... arghhh!

I have learned a lot by trial error but have decided Its time to do it right...

Hence a big hello to you all from one of your newest and keenest fellow members... looking forward to knowing you all better.


Lawrie (and Lucy)

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Re: Hi all.... looking forward to learning

Post by prospero » Sat 12 Apr, 2014 5:16 pm

Welcome Lawrie (and Lucy). :D

Not as simple as it looks is it? :?

I take it that the frames are mostly softwood based. Never known B&Q sell anything else. Some of this is a tad ropey.....

But this approach can look very effective if you embrace the principle of the 'Lyrical Imperfection'. I have a frame on my shop wall at the moment made from B&Q skirting board. Rather than try to make it look perfect, I attacked it with various implements and slapped on a few coats of paint. Works very well.

If you want ready milled profiles in unfinished woods, you might try Rose&Hollis in Marlborough Rd. N19 4NF. Or D&J Simons in Hackney Rd. E2 7QS

But I like the idea of making your own profiles. Amazing what you can do with a few bits of wood and a bit of imagination. :clap:
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Re: Hi all.... looking forward to learning

Post by Kwik Picture Framing » Sun 13 Apr, 2014 12:33 pm

Hi, and welcome!

I have found this board to be very helpful, so I am certain that all of your questions will be answered as and when you need them to be!

Good luck :).

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