Hello from Falkirk

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marble matt
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Hello from Falkirk

Post by marble matt » Wed 15 Oct, 2014 6:22 pm

Hi folks, another lurker shows up :lol:

My name is Matt and I've been framing for a good few years now in Scotland, I am looking to start a basic home setup as opposed to being an employee.

I'll start of looking for adivce straight away. :mrgreen:
Would there be any merit beginning with just a standard mount cutter (Logan, fletcher or similar) and selection of boards to sell mounted prints(bought) or perhaps my own designs? ....I realise that the CMC's have cornered the bulk supply of single mounts, so don't think that would be on.
It would be a spare room deal to start with and then expand with morso et al to a large workshop shed, if It became viable.

Any ideas or advice appreciated, cheers Matt

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Re: Hello from Falkirk

Post by pramsay13 » Thu 16 Oct, 2014 10:36 am

Welcome Matt. I can't help much with advice, although feel free to pop over to Stonehouse to have a look at my garage setup.

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