T Tag guns

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T Tag guns

Postby Ed209 » Sun Jan 13, 2019 3:42 pm

Looking to possibly get a T tag gun or two
I noticed that you can get two different sizes a 4.4mm & a 5mm one for up to 3mm mount board and the other for 5mm foam board
Lion sell there own brand in the above sizes and their tags are neutral as opposed to the Black & Cream of the Micro stitch brand (which you can get considerably cheaper from Amazon as opposed to Lion)
Are they a worth having to fix things like medals by there ribbons and shirts etc. ?
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Re: T Tag guns

Postby poliopete » Sun Jan 13, 2019 6:25 pm

Hi Paul

I asked nearly the same question on here a couple of years ago and after considering the advice and looking at shirt framing online settled on two guns and tags from Amazon. Hav'nt looked back. I use them in conjunction with "hand stitches" and "T pins" when framing shirts.

I sometimes use a fine needle and start the hole on the backing mount with an awl.

I really enjoy shirt framing and find it profitable. Two of my grandsons play junior football and get me a lot of work :D I even sold my example from the wall before Christmas and it was only a cheapo from eBay.

I would definitely not tag medal ribbons though :shock:

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Re: T Tag guns

Postby Not your average framer » Sun Jan 13, 2019 7:11 pm

I bought my first tag gun and tags from Lion, since then I have moved on and bought the larger size gun and a substantial collection of various different sizes and types of tags, I'm not sure what my larges tags are, but I know that some of them are at least 40mm long.

Forget the idea that they are just for framing football shirts. They are useful for a lot more than that and are often exellant for object framing as well.

Since medal ribbons was mentioned, I would not want to insert tags through a medal ribbon, it just would not look nice, but there are some places on the medals themselves where a tag can be used in a position where visibility will not be a issue and if people are not told where to look no one would ever know.

I like the principle of using really long tags and pulling them tight behind the mount board to take up the slack, then securing the tag in place behind the mount board. Long tags can make some jobs a lot less fiddly. I have bought most of my tag guns, tags and tag gun needles from Morplan.

Works for me!
Mark Lacey

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