Minimising and utilising waste glass.

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Minimising and utilising waste glass.

Post by Not your average framer » Fri 13 May, 2022 10:03 am

I wonder how much of an issue this is for some of us. I am very careful about trying to avoid pruducing too many unusable pieces of waste glass and this helps me quite a bit, such pieces of waste glass as I need to process are cut into standard sizes for easy storage and get stacked with other pieces of the same size. Every now and then I will make up a few ready made frames using my pre-cut pieces of waste glass, waste backing board and left over pieces of moulding. I don't bothering cutting too many different size of glass, as not every size is necessarily easy to to sell. In between sizes, are not usually a problem as I can cut a mount to suit a larger frame while a customer is waiting.

After a while any such frames which have not sold get relegated to my special offer boxes and at intervals get a new price lable as I reduce them in stages to a price where they will eventually sell. I manly have a small box of special offer frames in one of my shop window to see if anyone get tempted and only bring out my other boxes, when I deem it appropriate. Hinged together matching pairs of frames, rustic frames made from pine containing knots and small dings are created only for display in my shop windows and don't every get reduced as the are generally quite popular. My thinking is that anything which is waste has already been paid for and therefore is considered as having cost nothing, so if I can produce something saleable from it it is almost totally profit.

I sill print out insert sheets to suit every frame and present the as something special. I do not much like the idea that I am also offering anything for sale which is in any way second rate. I also sell some of these frame at a nice price as a quatity trade discount, which some of these trade customers buy to sell on ebay. My usual trade customers who want to sell frames on ebay, have been not very busy of late. So I've not been selling all that many bulk deals at the momoment. How many other forum mombers are also producing items for sale from their waste material? Also what other stretegies do others have for reducing and re-using their waste.
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