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Moulding for sale

Posted: Fri 17 Dec, 2021 10:11 am
by paulathomas
I’m not a framer but my late brother, Graham Thomas, was. I’m (still!) sorting out his affairs and am now trying to sell rather a lot of moulding, plus some mountcard and consumables. Please note, there is no equipment as that has all sold.

I have had assistance from a picture framer, who tells me that the moulding is in good condition – i.e. there is no rope twist. Much of it came from Ashworth and Thompson so it is good quality. There is a considerable variety; the view expressed was that my brother must have bought every type of moulding available! Some of the lengths have never been removed from the original wrappings. In particular, there is a lot of gold (different styles) and plain wood.

Lengths vary – there are a number of 4 metre lengths and 3 metre lengths plus smaller pieces.

I’ve attached some photos, however these only show a small variety of what is available. I have sold some already so the pictures may include batches that have gone.

I live in Sheffield and the framing supplies are at my late brother’s house, which is in Dunston near Chesterfield (just off the Dronfield bypass – S41).

If you are interested in buying some of the moulding etc please contact me to arrange viewing. This is for collection only. Also, I've already had an offer of 50p a stick for all of it - and I am looking for rather more than that at present.