Framers Workshops at the Guild Weekend

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Framers Workshops at the Guild Weekend

Postby fine-art-trade-guild » Mon May 13, 2019 11:18 am

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This is a unique educational opportunity in the UK and a chance to come and pick the combined brains of the members of the Framers Committee - a bit like a face to face version of this forum! We're hoping to expand the education in future years based on feedback from this year's event. FSQC members will be doing demos on our specific subjects, with the opportunity for you to see what we do, how we do it and ask loads of questions on why we do things that way. We can talk through the different levels of framing and when different methods are most appropriate, and why.

If you are considering becoming a Guild member or taking the Guild Certified Framer exam or one of the Advanced Modules then we are all happy to answer questions on any aspect of that too - including why we've decided doing the exams was a good business decision for our own framing businesses. All of us have passed either the Guild Commended or Guild Certified exams and a number of us also hold one or more of the Advanced qualifications. We're not adding up the number of years worth of framing experience that will be in the room, because it might scare us !

It's a great social and networking opportunity as well - there will be representatives from most of the major UK framing suppliers at the Guild Weekend and for anyone able to stay on for the Master's Dinner on the Saturday evening and even the AGM on the Sunday then there are loads of great chances for a chat about the wider industry over a drink.

The entries for the framing and mount design competitions will also be on display which may also spark some new ideas and you will get a chance to vote for the "Best in Show" from all the different entries.

We're looking forward to a great weekend.

Framing Workshops Saturday 18th May
10:30am - 3:00pm

Drop in and out of our interactive workshops.
Members of FSQC will be demonstrating framing techniques, offering advice and discussion on all matters framing.

Wash-lining by Mark Wallington GCF(APF)
T-hinging by Jon Price GCF(APF)
Fabric Stretching by Jo Palmer GCF(APF) Adv
Canvas Stretching by Stephen Finney GCF(APF) Adv
Pricing by Ian Kenny GCF(APF) Adv
Morso Maintenance by Steven McKee GCF(APF) Adv
Float & Surface Mounting by Roy Rowlands GCF
Shadow Box Making by Stephen Finney GCF(APF) Adv

This workshop is free for attendees who are also booked in for the Master's Dinner; £20 fee Guild members or £50 fee non-members for other attendees.
If you're interested, you'll find booking info is here: ... 19-36.aspx
The Fine Art Trade Guild is owned and run by its members, and for the benefit of its members. These members share a common goal, which is to promote and encourage the best in art and framing.
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EstLite Frame Pricing Software

Re: Framers Workshops at the Guild Weekend

Postby Ian Kenny Framing » Mon May 13, 2019 11:28 am

The Pricing Workshop is designed to be a five-hour long group discussion which you can drop in and out of anytime you want. Working on the premise that ‘there is no such thing as a stupid question – just one you don’t know the answer to’, some of the topics being covered will include:

• Calculating the cost of being in business
• Why you should charge properly for sports shirt framing
• How to charge for waste
• Setting up and using computer Pricing Programs
• How branding can affect what you are able to charge
• Charging properly for ancillary work
• How discounting affects your bottom line
• How withholding a price increase affects your bottom line
• The Window Cleaner paradox
• How a tiny percentage increase affects your bottom line
• The difference between turnover and profit
• Judging the depth of a customer’s pocket
• Buying ‘chop’ v buying length
• ‘My customers wouldn’t pay that amount’
• Setting an hourly workshop rate
• The economics of keeping offcuts
• The economics of shopping around for the cheapest price
• The price sensitivity of Framing
• Where does a Framing business really make money
Ian Kenny GCF(APF) Adv.
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Encouraging and promoting the best in art and framing
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Re: Framers Workshops at the Guild Weekend

Postby Tudor Rose » Mon May 13, 2019 2:27 pm

A lot of the education and articles around textile framing focusses on the big and impressive projects that require a bit of problem solving and ingenuity; the hard to frame items that are seen every now and then. And that is fair enough as they can make for good reading and great photographs. But the reality is that for most bespoke framers they don’t see jobs like that very often. So the idea with this workshop was to also give time and discussion opportunities on the “bread and butter” jobs that a large number of bespoke framers see regularly, but can appear daunting until you get a bit more experienced at doing them.
It is also an opportunity to have a face to face discussion, see examples of work in progress, photographs of past projects and to talk through any textile projects that the visiting framers have in the pipeline.
We look forward to discussing:
• Lacing cross stitches and other embroidery items;
• Blocking rhomboid needlepoints before lacing and why they go like that;
• Pinning instead of lacing;
• The Newberry and Tight Fit methods of support;
• Light sew and full sew support;
• Using a laced support fabric for delicate or old textile pieces;
• Suspension (trampoline) method of support;
• Preparing a sports shirt for framing;
• Quilts or rugs and how to support them;
• Support boards for different types of projects;
• Creating a sink mount and how to prepare the frame and fillet if no mount is being used;
• To clean or not to clean a customer’s textile;
• Why not compromising on the level of job you’ll do builds trust with customers;
• How to handle textiles and build confidence at the design desk;
• The myths believed about diffused (non-reflective) glass on textile framing;
• The benefits of having framed examples with AR and Museum glass;
• The importance of understanding when to refer jobs to a Textile Conservator;
• Easy ways to get extra help and advice from the Guild when you need to bounce ideas.
Jo Palmer GCF(APF) Adv

Proud to be serving as current Chair & Master of
The Fine Art Trade Guild
Member of the Guild and the PPFA
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Re: Framers Workshops at the Guild Weekend

Postby poliopete » Mon May 13, 2019 5:21 pm

What an exciting and interesting list of topics under discussion. And what a golden opportunity for a new, and not so new, framer to learn "stuff" that will give his/her new business a fillip or a flying start. Much of the information/knowledge gleaned from these workshops would normally take years to learn.

Well done to all those who have made this possible and contributed to putting this program together.

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Re: Framers Workshops at the Guild Weekend

Postby Tudor Rose » Mon May 13, 2019 5:25 pm

Thanks Peter, we're looking forward to a really great weekend.

Jo Palmer GCF(APF) Adv

Proud to be serving as current Chair & Master of
The Fine Art Trade Guild
Member of the Guild and the PPFA
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Re: Framers Workshops at the Guild Weekend

Postby Justintime » Sat May 18, 2019 10:16 pm

I just want to send out a massive Thank You to all of the Framers Committee for holding these workshops today.
I am still buzzing from four and a half hours of face to face time with all of you.
Not only have I come home with loads of new ideas, but also lots of corrections to my techniques and some ways to improve the running of the business.
I can highly recommend it to anyone in their first few years of business.
Great to meet up with Jonathan and Sarah from this forum as well. We could have talked for hours!
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Re: Framers Workshops at the Guild Weekend

Postby JonathanB » Mon May 20, 2019 4:30 pm

I'd like to endorse Justin's comments and thank all members of the FATG for laying on an excellent and informative day. I've never been in doubt that supporting the Guild through membership was worth the money I pay for it and this day simply reinforced my view. Although I've been framing for quite a while and have qualified through the GCF programme, I picked up lots of tips and ideas that had never occurred to me and which will make my day a lot easier in the months to come. Good also to meet Justin and Sarah and to meet some new colleagues. Many thanks to all involved.
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