Help with Gapp Canvas Stretcher

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Help with Gapp Canvas Stretcher

Post by Yesterdayreborn » Thu 16 May, 2019 5:37 pm

I purchased a Gapp Stretcher from a guy on here and having got it into the very narrow door, and knocked a few bits off (!) and replaced most and I now have three problems.

The first is how do I connect the Bambi Hose to the much smaller bore tubes on the Gapp. I have managed to use about 4 converters which I found with it, but not sure its correct.

I also need to get some of the connectors that connect the tubing to the various recepticles on the unit, they are the ones with the nut on the end (no not me!) for screwing into the air units which activate the clamps I guess.

The other problem is how do you use it!

I have watched a couple of youtube videos but they dont help a lot. What about air pressure and that sort of thing. Adjusting for various sized frames and so on.

I would be happy to pay someone to show me how to use it and get all the fitments correct and I can come to you as yours is working! - or will pay for some useful videos taken while you use it, so that I can see what to do, and how it goes together. IT is mostly built apart from a couple of hoses and the main coupler thingy.

Having built my new workshop I am keen to get into Canvas Stretching to accompany my other activities.

Thanks for any help you can give me


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Re: Help with Gapp Canvas Stretcher

Post by poliopete » Thu 16 May, 2019 6:35 pm

Hi Jeremy :D

Apologies if you have tried this, but couldn't the "guy on here" who sold you the Gapp Stretcher help you and were you offered a demo before you purchased :?:

I am sure someone will come along soon who is more helpful than me. Best of luck getting it sorted.


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