microfading of art in picture frames

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microfading of art in picture frames

Post by JFeig » Fri 21 May, 2021 3:22 pm

Recently, I have met with the person who did the original “microfading” testing of pigments in an atmosphere with little or no oxygen present for the Tate Museum on this subject. This research granted him a PhD on the subject.

We met via the AIC’s global forum (American Institute for Conservation). He was interested in research being done in the area of “microfading” and “anoxia”. My response prompted him to contact me.

We traded information on what we have been and are currently doing in this field. He wants to keep up with what I am doing to preserve art and artifacts. This also gives me an opportunity to have a firsthand resource of scientific information.

The reason for this post is to let people on this forum know that in conventional preservation picture framing as we know it today, the contents are subject to fading in out out of light due to presence of oxygen. The research done thus far shows that items in an atmosphere deprived of oxygen, 0-5%, will reduce the effects of "microfading" vs the natural atmosphere of 20.9% oxygen content.

The oxygen in the natural atmosphere also produces the chemical effect of "oxidation" that degrades (decomposes) the physical properties of what is being displayed.
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